Dark to the core. Smooth to the finish.

Guatemala delivers soft floral aromatics, Kenya and Ethiopia offer their pungent acidity and winey body, while New Guinea provides pleasant herbal sweetness. All of these attributes are roasted to enhance the body of the cup while leaving out any trace of smokiness. A perfect choice for a French Press, experience what the volcanic highlands around the world yield in the world of coffee.

Tasting Notes:
We roast Obsidian to perfectly preserve the delicate flavors, floral nuances and fruit sweetness that can be obscured in many dark roasts. This pure, unspoiled coffee is smooth to the finish, and heavy with flavors of juicy, luscious wild berries. It finishes with a decadent, bittersweet chocolate flourish.

Obsidian is a 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified® coffee.

Roast Degree Indicator

Roast Degree Indicator