French Roast Decaf

This coffee offers a wonderfully rich and dramatic combination of high grown Central and South American coffees accented with beans from Papua New Guinea. They're blended together and roasted to a beautiful dark brown with an even development of surface oils. Our Decaf French Roast is a coffee with presence, and a body that is smooth and deliciously heavy.
French Roast Decaf is an all-natural, chemical-free decaf coffee.
Tasting Notes:
While we roast this blend in traditional French Roast style, we do it with a Caribou Coffee twist, which means it will not be as dark and oily as some French Roasts. Our technique produces a decadent coffee with bittersweet cocoa notes that contrast with a wonderful tart apple acidity, and finishes with subtle smoky tones.

Roastmasters Notes:

  • Tart, apple acidity
  • Silk, heavy body
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

Decaf French Roast is a 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified® coffee.

Roast Degree Indicator

Roast Degree Indicator